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Our Operational Efficiency

Our industry-best processes allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers while using the optimal amount of resources, thus creating the most value. We constantly seek to improve our performance as an efficient, agile, and innovative company by identifying, sharing, and implementing best practices across our global network of plants and facilities.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Our commitment to deliver value to our stockholders rests on a clear recognition that, as a public company, we are stewards of other people’s money. They invest with us to achieve superior long-term returns at acceptable risk. We have never—and will never—lose sight of that fact.

We are committed to abide by the laws and regulations of every jurisdiction in which we operate. Nonetheless, we recognize that our strict adherence to the law is not enough to run a global organization. Beyond compliance, our commitment—to ourselves, our investors, and to all of our stakeholders everything we do rests on this foundation.